Best Headset Quick Disconnect Adapter

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Best Headset Quick Disconnect Adapter

What is the Plantronics QD (Quick disconnect)? The Plantronics QD (Quick Disconnect) connector is a proprietary connector featured on the Plantronics H-Series and Plantronics P-series headsets. It connects the headset to the matching cable providing an efficient and reliable connection.

Features: 3.5mm plug jack, gold plated plug, compatibility with headsets that has a quick disconnect release cable, for Jabra telephone, high quality sound voice.
WirelessFinest - be converted to a 3.5mm plug jack for use withWork desk telephone headsets, but it is not compatible withiPhone. This product is high quality and has a gold-plated plug for clear sound. It is very easy to use and fit perfectly on your work desk. Check price

Good to know before buying headset quick disconnect adapter

What is the function of the Connect button on the headset? The headset connects the user to a telephone line and provides a simple user interface for disconnecting and reconnecting the headset. This is similar to placing the call on hold.

Is the headsetsbank Plantronics quick disconnect compatible with M22 amplifiers? The Plantronics M22 amplifier is compatible with the headsets bank. This allows you to easily connect your headset to your computer or other device. The M22 amplifier ensures that your audio is clear and consistent.

What are the benefits of headsetsbank? The Plantronics headset is compatible with most existing headsets, including those that are used with phones. The headset has a quick disconnect feature, so you can easily remove the headset if it becomes necessary. It is also compatible with the Amplifier, so you can easily connect your phone to the headset.

What are quick disconnect headsets? The headsets come with a headset lead that has an easy single action connection and disconnection feature to allow a user to leave their desk quickly while wearing their headset. These headsets are perfect for busy professionals who need to stay connected while on the go.

How do quick disconnects work? The connectors on a headset usually fit together and lock in place, allowing a clear signal to be transferred between the headset and the base unit.

What is a quick-disconnect headset? The first thing to understand about commercial grade headsets is that the headset cable ends in a quick-disconnect connection. This connection allows you to leave your headset on at all times and quickly disconnect from the amplifier, or bottom cable, when you need to walk away from your desk.

What is the quick disconnect feature on the amplifier? The amplifier allows you to connect a single or multiple lines all at once. The Quick Disconnect (QD) feature allows you to connect and disconnect without sacrificing the call or disconnecting with the party on the other end.

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Headset quick disconnect adapter alternative brands & products

VoiceJoy VoiceJoy-285 - convert exist headsets with Plantronics Quick Disconnect connector to USB plug headsets for computer/laptop, soft phone and more. It also compatible with Plantronics quick dis-connector type like the H-Series Headsets, or same style QD connector like pictured. There is no volume and mute adjuster cable length of 3.5 feet.

Headset quick disconnect adapter - be used with VoiceJoy or Plantronics Wired QD headsets. It includes a Switchable Mute feature so you can control the call at any time. Additionally, it has a Volume Control wheel for control of the volume during the call.

VoiceJoy - be used with Jabra GN Quick Disconnector, but is not compatible with other SAME QD headsets. The installation is easy, and does not require a driver. The digital audio quality is great, and there is no volume and mute switch. The cable length is about 43 inches.

WirelessFinest - be used as a softphone or voice call. It has a built in microphone and volume controls. It is a premium quality cable with a 5 foot limit. It is compatible with the Plantronic quick dis-connector type like the H-series headsets, or similar style QD connector like pictured.

Headset quick disconnect adapter VoiceJoy-324 - be used with Jabra GN Quick Disconnector and other SAME QD headsets. It is easy to use, no need driver, and has a digital audio quality. The headset has a volume and mute switch, making it very easy to use. The cable length is about 44 inches, which is long for an Albion brand product.

Headset quick disconnect adapter VoiceJoy-322 - connect your exist headsets with Plantronics Quick Disconnect connector to USB plug headset for computer/laptop, soft phone and more. The cable is compatible with Plantronics quick dis-connector type like the H-Series Headsets, or similar style QD connector like pictured. There is no volume adjuster on the cable, and it has a length of 44 inches.

VoiceJoy VoiceJoy-326 - be used with all QD plugs, but it is not compatible with GN headsets. It has a Plug-and-play USB interface no drivers needed function. The volume adjuster can be used to mute the microphone and speaker for example. The cable length is about 63 inches.

WirelessFinest - didate your phone for different types of music and it offers fast startup and reliable connection. The quick disconnect cable is designed to allow users to easily disconnect from their phone, without removing the headset. The compatible option is the HIS Stage Onequick disconnect cable. This cable is short form at 10 feet long and offers a reliable connection that can be used with any Plantronics H/HW series headsets.

VoiceJoy VoiceJoy-287 - help the user to communicate with the computer’s operating system and other software that is running on the machine. The cable is designed to improve the signal quality for plants that need to talk to their network engineers or scientists. It is also compatible with the Cisco 6900, 7800, 7900, 8900, 9900 series IP phone (as long as it has a RJ9 modular Headset Jack). Only those plants that have a CISCOIP model can use this cable.

CallTek - be used with all QD plugs like Plantronics. The adapter can also be used with GN headsets, but the photo you see is not a compatible one. It is only a compatible plug-and-play USB interface no drivers needed. The cable length is 43 inches.

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